If you are thinking about applying for an Arizona license, we suggest a couple of things:

      • Be organized.  Assemble all the required materials before you apply.
      • Apply early.  If you think you might want to practice in Arizona, start the applications process as soon as possible.
      • Read the directions carefully.  Even a minor mistake can derail your application for months.
      • Follow up on your application.  Applications require documents from third parties.  Check on the people and the entities to ensure that your documents have been submitted.  It is also critical to follow up with the Board on a regular basis.
      • Retain all documents.  Keep a copy of your application, all the materials you submitted to the Board, and all the correspondence between you and the Board.
      • No problem is too small to get help.  If you have problems obtaining a license, you should retain professional legal assistance.  An attorney, who has experience with the system and understands what the Board is looking for, can provide information and assistance with the licensing process.