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You were just notified you’ve got a Board complaint…now you call me.

Click below to fight for your license and your rights as a healthcare professional.

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Healthcare Professionals We Help:

Perlmutter Medical Law, LLC is a unique law practice in Arizona.  We specialize in defending healthcare professionals who are facing Board complaints.  Healthcare professions receive licensing Board complaints for a variety of reasons, including unprofessional conduct and failure to meet the standard of care for that professional field.  The practice provides advice, counsel, and representation to healthcare professionals who are facing licensing or hospital Board difficulties.

Steven Perlmutter, MD, JD is both an attorney and a physician.  When healthcare professionals need legal representation because of a licensing Board complaint, they frequently feel more comfortable with an attorney who is also a physician.  Dr. Perlmutter understands both the law and the medicine surrounding healthcare Board complaints.  He understands what the healthcare professional is going through.  He has stood in their shoes.

He has been a medical doctor since 1980 and became an eye surgeon in 1984.  Since 1985, tens of thousands of Arizonans have trusted Dr. Perlmutter’s medical and surgical skills.  After 25 years of medical practice, Dr. Perlmutter now dedicates himself to defending healthcare providers who are facing healthcare Board complaints that could lead to adverse licensing decisions (including probation, suspension, revocation or denials) with their specific healthcare Boards.

Dr. Perlmutter will be at your side for any appearances before Licensing Boards, any investigations and interviews, petitions for judicial review, disciplinary and grievance proceedings, and any trial proceedings.

Steven Perlmutter, MD, JD graduated magna cum laude from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.  He was a Law, Science, and Innovation Scholar and a Willard Pedrick Scholar.  He received a pro bono distinction, a Law, Science, and Innovation certificate, and represented the law school at graduation.  Dr. Perlmutter was the first law student to publish two law review articles in outside journals. 

“This year, I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Maricopa County Medical Society. I periodically write articles and am quoted in their publication, Round Up.”